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The Top Five Benefits of Having Your Own Website!

1. Sell your products and services to the world.

With well over 100 million people using the Internet, it doesn't make sense to overlook the opportunity to sell your products and services to them. Online purchases are increasing in popularity.  Businesses that once sold to a small local market can now develop a global business with some savvy marketing. Your website can work for you 24 hours a day and make your business much more productive!

2. Make basic information about your business available.

Perhaps the most common reason to have a website is to make your basic business information available 24 hours a day. Think of it as having an "online billboard" displaying your address, hours of operation, contact information etc. You can convey all of your main selling features in your website much like you would in a Yellow Pages ad, as well as answer your most frequently asked questions...all with the added flexibility of being able to update your information whenever you'd like to!

3. Serve your existing customers.

Keep your customers up to date with the latest information about your products and services, and post current specials and business offers. Create a mailing list and you can update all your customers quickly and easily through opt-in email marketing. You can even make commonly requested forms available that your customers can print and mail, or submit online....saving you both time and money!

4. Target a specific market.

If you specialize in providing goods or services to a specific group of pet owners or boaters, the Internet may be just the place to target that market on a larger scale. With more people getting on the Internet each day, you can make it easy for them to find you and buy your products... before they find your competition!

5. Receive feedback from your customers.

No other advertising medium offers you the flexibility to continually test your offers to your customers and to receive instant feedback from them, than your own website. Using forms on your website allows your customers to communicate with you while they're thinking about your business!

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